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“It’s going to cost how much?” is not an uncommon response to learning that you or your child needs braces, and with that said the cost for braces is not always cheap. Not only can braces be hard on your wallet, but it goes without saying that few kids (or adults) are overjoyed to learn they have to wear wires on their teeth for the next year or two. If that’s the case, why do thousands of people get braces every year? Well, if you (or your child) are not one of the lucky few born with perfectly straight teeth, orthodontic braces are an investment that will pay dividends for a lifetime. The needs of each patient are unique, and the professionals at Edge Orthodontics in Provo can identify the extent of orthodontic care required by each case. Braces (and orthodontic treatment in general) can improve your life in two main ways.

Beautiful Smile

Getting braces by an orthodontist in Orem yields beautiful resultsEveryone wants an attractive smile. While a minority of people are lucky enough to have naturally straight teeth, thanks to the modern miracle of orthodontics straight teeth have not only become the standard, but they have become possible for you. While crooked teeth might be cool for a pirate or stagecoach bandit to have, the same is not true for your teenage son or daughter (or you!). An attractive smile is the most commonly cited feature of a physically attractive person. Braces can be considered as an investment in your child’s ability to get a date (or if you are getting braces, perhaps an investment in your own love life). However, the social impact of having braces extends far beyond dating.  Whether in a job interview or the board room, straight teeth and the confidence they bring are critical parts in cultivating an attractive and professional appearance. Provo Orthodontist David Christiansen at Edge Orthodontics can provide the braces that will be an investment in you or your child’s appearance and confidence, two things that will be important for a lifetime.

Physical Benefits of Braces

While the importance of an attractive smile cannot be underestimated, braces often have a far more tangible impact than just aesthetics. Occlusion is the medical term for the way the upper and lower teeth fit together, and malocclusion is the name for the misalignment of teeth. Crowded, crooked teeth not only look bad, but they also can cause serious health problems because they affect the way the top and bottom teeth fit together. The professionals at Edge Orthodontics in Provo are able to identify the severity of a patient’s malocclusion, and use orthodontic braces to correct any harmful misalignment. Teeth that do not align properly can make it difficult to chew or speak clearly. Not every child’s speech is affected by malocclusion, but if it is, orthodontic treatment may be the only effective way to treat a speech impediment. Overbites, a common condition treated by braces, can dramatically accelerate tooth wear. Misaligned teeth can also make it difficult to properly clean teeth, which may result in gum disease or an increased prevalence of cavities. Obviously, the more severe a case of malocclusion, the more likely is is to  result in significant health consequences if left untreated. Your dentist will be able to tell you more about the consequences of not getting orthodontic treatment. Braces, if needed, are a critical part of ensuring that your or your child’s teeth last a lifetime. While braces can be a little expensive, the consequences of not getting them can often be more costly. Invest in the health of you or your child’s teeth with braces.