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There are many reasons that you can have an overbite. From sucking your thumb as a child to not having sufficient jaw space for your teeth, this disliked look can crush your self-confidence, and in some situations, might even make you feel uncomfortable smiling. Dr. Christiansen can help!

However, Invisalign is a modern technique for overbite correction that can give you a reason to smile again. Eliminating this overlapping of your teeth comes without the equally discomforting feel of metal, wires and rubber bands.

invisalign-smileHow Does Invisalign Work?

Invisalign uses clear, soft plastic aligners to shift teeth into the correct position. The science behind what makes this teeth straightening process work lies with replacing the aligners every few weeks. At a minimum, you wear an aligner for about 20 hours each day. This is critical to successful progress. As your teeth gradually shift, a new aligner is applied for adjustments to continue.

No Restrictions on Diet and Daily Hygiene Routine

Virtually undetectable except by the person wearing them, you are not subject to diet restrictions. You can continue to eat healthy fruits and vegetables that are typically discouraged while wearing traditional bands.

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums requires daily oral hygiene habits of brushing and flossing. While wearing Invisalign, you can remove them to continue doing what it takes to have excellent dental hygiene. In addition, you dentist will monitor your teeth to prevent tooth decay. This level of accuracy is missed with traditional braces and may defeat the purpose of having straight teeth.

What to Expect with Invisalign Correcting Your Overbite

The idea behind Invisalign correcting your overbite is the same as with traditional braces. However, instead of the dentist tightening wires to advance treatment, these clear braces use a more subtle process.

Using pictures, x-rays and dental impressions, the laboratory fabricates several aligners to achieve real progress. You will need to stay on track with the schedule of changing the aligners. Periodic dentist visits ensures real progress. Slowly, your overbite is corrected and disappears. The timeframe for treatment with Invisalign depends on your age and the degree of your overbite.

There are occasions where, after the initial dental exam, the dentist might think a combination of Invisalign and metal braces works best to correct an overbite. However, in most cases, Invisalign technology will successfully correct your overbite without including other procedures.