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Playing Sports with Braces

Sports are a big part of many teenagers’ lives. However, orthodontic braces are also a part of life for many teenagers. Unless you are a competitive corn-on-the-cob eater, braces will not affect your athletic performance, but they could increase the risk and severity...

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Why You Should Get Braces

“It’s going to cost how much?” is not an uncommon response to learning that you or your child needs braces, and with that said the cost for braces is not always cheap. Not only can braces be hard on your wallet, but it goes without saying that few kids (or adults) are...

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What Can You Eat With Braces?

If you are going to wear braces, then it is important to learn about the foods that you can eat with braces to help keep them in the best condition. At first, eating with braces can feel strange, and in some cases painful. Your orthodontist will have a list of certain...

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Why Wearing Your Retainer is Important

While it may not seem like wearing your retainer is important, it is actually an extremely important precaution to keep once you get your braces off. Even though your braces have already straightened your teeth, they can still shift or move around as they get settled....

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Welcome to Our New Blog

Edge Orthodontics is proud to introduce our new blog. Here you will find information regarding different types orthodontic services, Tips for stronger teeth, some of the fun events we are a part of, and more! Dr. Christiansen here at Edge Orthodontics provides high...

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