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Welcome to Edge Orthodontics–offering you cutting edge orthodontic services at competitive pricing. As a member of the American Association of Orthodontists and one who offers leading techniques in orthodontics, Dr. Christiansen is pleased to offer: Invisalign, In-Ovation, and MTM Clear Aligner. Today’s braces offer more than yesterday’s braces– quicker results, minimal discomfort, aesthetic benefits and less office visits for adjustments.

With our invisible braces, you can have your teeth straightened in a fraction of the time at competitive pricing. Fill out our form or give us a call to schedule your initial appointment today.


Invisalign® uses amazing techniques to straighten your teeth. It features a series of clear aligners that gradually move your teeth into place. They are virtually undetectable. This form of braces doesn’t use the traditional wires or brackets. 3-D computer graphics are used to determine the final position of each tooth, which is prescribed by the orthodontist. Each aligner is calibrated to gradually move teeth. These aligners can be taken out so that people can eat, brush their teeth and floss. These aligners are worn for roughly two weeks. Then, the next aligner is worn to further progress the teeth-straightening procedure.


In-Ovation® looks much like traditional braces, but they certainly do not feel like traditional braces. The braces use a free-sliding technology to gradually straighten teeth. Very little pressure if exerted on the teeth at any one time, so the gradual process of straightening is far less uncomfortable than traditional braces. Also, In-Ovation® is more convenient for the patient because less office appointments are necessary for adjustments. Also, patients who choose In-Ovation® wear this form of braces for a shorter duration than traditional braces.